quillori: illustration of a man playing remarkably phallic bagpipes (the seamed bag looking just like balls) (subject: bagpipes)
( Apr. 7th, 2016 04:48 am)
I'm also Quillori on AO3.

I really would prefer you to write the best story you can, and one you're happy with, rather than trying to do something that doesn't suit you to fit what I asked for - optional details really are entirely optional here. I'm most interested in what you make of the song. (Gen, m/f, m/m and f/f are all equally welcome. I have however asked for fic only this year.)

J’ai vu le loup, le renard chanter )

Le Roi d’Aquitaine )

Diese kalte Nacht )

Esta montaña d'enfrente )

Flowers in the Mist | It’s not the flower, it’s not the fog )

In General )


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