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quillori: Photo of an Intha fisherman on Lake Inle, Burma (country: burma, stock: Intha fisherman, theme: travel (rower))

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Created on 2009-04-25 21:03:00 (#123741), last updated 2019-04-04 (2 weeks ago)

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Generally, anything I post here is up for discussion and debate. Feel free to comment on anything, including older entries (no really, please do - anything I've posted is always up for discussion, even years after the fact). Also, feel free to comment on someone else's comment if it interests you - you don't have to comment to me first. If you're here for meta, you may say whatever you like to me, but if you want to disagree with another commenter, I ask that you make a reasoned case for your position: if you just want to call someone names or say they make you feel sick, please do it elsewhere. The cut and thrust of vigorous debate is fine, descending into abuse is not. If you're here for fic, in the rare event of my posting any: I try to give some idea of the type of thing I've written, and indicate if there's something I feel should be warned for, but my views on the matter are almost certainly not at all in line with yours, so if there's anything you absolutely won't read, I suggest you take this as a choose not to warn environment. However, if you do want specific warnings, not only for triggers but also squicks or even things you just don't fancy reading at the moment, feel free to ask (in a comment anywhere, by PM, or by emailing me) and I'll be happy to let you know. As an only semi-reformed lurker myself, lurkers are entirely welcome, whether you eventually want to say hello, or just to keep lurking peacefully.

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