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( Nov. 17th, 2010 03:34 am)
Dear Author,

If you've offered any of these fandoms, you're obviously a person of taste and discernment, and probably didn't deserve to get stuck with my requests. I really would prefer you to write the best story you can, and one you're happy with, rather than trying to do something that doesn't suit you to fit what I asked for - so please, please do bear in mind that optional details are optional. If you have the opposite problem, and wish I'd given you more or more explicit suggestions, I'm very sorry - I was trying not to be overly restrictive.

Pu Songling - Liaozhai Zhiyi )

Mythology - Near Eastern )

Meine Liebe )

Li Shang-Yin - Walls of Emerald )

In General )
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( Mar. 20th, 2008 04:33 am)
My mail has finally, finally arrived - quite an embarrassing quantity in fact. The 'customers who bought this also bought' feature on Amazon is a dangerous thing. Somehow I progressed from early Japanese folk tales to Ottoman lyric poetry to homosexuality in Renaissance Florence and it was only when I reached Hittite mythology I remembered that I do not actually have any bookshelf space left. No, not even after piling books on the floor, the table, the floor under the table and my bed.

But my imminent death crushed beneath a pile of books aside, I want to say many, many thanks to the particularly kind and generous someone who sent me a DVD of Meine Liebe/Meine Liebe Wieder. Please imagine me doing a small dance of joy in the 2 inches of floor not currently covered by books.


quillori: Photo of an Intha fisherman on Lake Inle, Burma (Default)

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